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This simple trick will increase your customers’ loyalty and make your business acceptable to a wider range of clients.Fight fraud and chargebacks with professional software developed with machine learning technologies that enable advanced real-time reporting and notifications.You get to choose the system that you’re used to working with and that fits your business needs above all others.We offer Direct MIDs and the Unique Billing Descriptor for a smooth customizable transaction reporting.So it’s imperative for subscription digital good merchants to be aware of and implement best practices.

These situations can result in a friendly fraud or chargeback fraud dispute.

The way to avoid this is to send a reminder email a couple days before the transaction to tell the cardholder when to expect the charge and for what amount.

When a customer signs up for your subscription make sure you clearly tell them everything they need to know about when you will bill them, how often, the amount each month, etc.

After setting up recurring transactions properly, it is important to continue to satisfy customers and protect profits through best practices.

Here are three recurring digital merchant best practices: Visa suggests provide your customers with a toll-free phone number, email address, and/or easy to find (and use) online procedures for cancelling recurring transactions.

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