Online dating for children

Ms Kozakiewicz, now 21, said predators were crafty when it came to grooming and abusing children.“They may use dating websites to gather information from parents for the purposes of learning that they have children that they wish to abuse,” she said.

Ms Kozakiewicz said parents should be mindful when using online dating services as they could easily bring their child into contact with a predator.“Parents need to educate themselves around the dangers of dating online.

“Nothing can prepare you for the lengths a predator will go to trying to access your child,” she said.

Ms Ryan said parents should use Skype and conduct background checks before meeting someone they had met online.“Most people require police clearances for employment these days, so it should never be a problem, and if excuses are made then obviously that person may be trying to hide something,” she said.

They are the first line of defence when it pertains to keeping their children safe.”By NICKOLAS ZAKHARIA A woman has been killed outside Monash University’s Clayton campus during a hit-run tragedy last night.

Police believe the driver of a dark-coloured station wagon was speeding when it struck the woman. Police are investigating the bizarre disappearance of an international student after videos of the man pleading for a bitcoin ransom were sent to his father.

Mr Heysen said when people met someone new it was important to get to know the person and trust them before introducing them to friends and family.

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Det-Insp Rouse said child sex offenders had then become involved with the mothers and gained their trust.“In the cases that we have investigated, the mothers have left their children in the care of the child sex offender when they have gone shopping ...

Private investigator and director for online investigations, Julia Robson, who has appeared on to assist with investigations relating to online dating scams, said there were always risks when single parents entered back into the dating game.“These risks increase more when parents incorporate their children and their identities into their dating life,” Ms Robson said.“This can include including pictures of their children in their dating profiles, stating children’s names and ages, sharing details about their children’s routine and interests and introducing their children to their date at an early stage."Ms Robson said parents should make the dating experience about themselves only, and remove references to their children or being a single parent from their public profiles.“Once you have begun your private conversation with a potential date online, it is recommended to explain that you would like to get to know the person better before you provide any further detail about your children.

Take your time to introduce your children to your date in person,” she said.

Ms Ronken said parents who used dating sites should be extremely cautious and put in strategies to protect their children, such as not posting photos of them or disclosing their names.“Single parents using these sites have been targeted in the past and if parents don’t take the appropriate precautions they will be putting their children at risk,” she said.

CEO for major Australian dating site, Dave Heysen, said Oasis urged its members to be familiar with their safe dating guidelines when meeting new people.“This rule applies to all members, including single parents,” he said.

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