Oldwomen dating

Thus, as soon as she gets her first job and her money, many women want to prove to a man that they can pay their bills and as a man, you cannot wield money or gifts as a way of enticing them. Also, it is not a bad thing exactly; it is always good for a woman to have some money of her own, just in case a man becomes a jerk. The first thing she wants to prove to you is that she earns and she values her independence.

When you want her over for a sleepover, some have the annoying habit of insisting that you also go to spend in their house.

You will be mentally arrested as long as you are there.

She knows that you hate it, but she will still be playing mind games, just to prove a point.

While what she bought could be smaller or of poor quality, you will need all the aunts from her maternal side to convince her to part with her prized possessions.

Another danger of dating a woman aged 25-28, is that marriage is a big deal for her.

Marriage is never on the cards - just a distant thought. However, college students rarely have the intellectual mettle to sustain a decent conversation with an adult.

Also, they have this undue pressure to look at every man who hits on them through the prism of a potential suitor.

In case, you want to marry via cohabiting, she can be bureaucratic.

It becomes impossible to agree on whose bed to sell, whose pet to keep, whose TV stand to use.

She may already have children, which will bring its own challenges and rewards.

A responsibility like children will restrict spontaneity and you won’t always be the priority in her life.

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