Old dating game episodes bergen county dating new jersey

In the fall of 1996, Brad Sherwood became the host of another new version where the potential dates were ranked on on both looks and personality.

Then the chooser would decide how important those two traits were to them and that would determine who became the date.

Unfortunately, looks almost always won and that probably didn't make viewers (who mostly didn't look like fashion models) very happy so the show died an early death.

Even bringing back Chuck Woolery for a third try at host didn't help!

The Dating Game TV show began as a daytime game show.

In total, the Dating Game TV show has had 2035 episodes!

The questions asked on the Dating Game were masterfull inuendos, often with sexual undertones.

Then in October of 1966, ABC moved the series to their Thursday night prime-time schedule at PM to replace "The Tammy Grimes Show" that only survived a few episodes.

It had some pretty strong competition from "My Three Sons" on CBS and "Star Trek" on NBC but it was a "fun" show and audiences loved it!

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