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Help is Available within Your Reach What you can do If you are being abusive...

How to help a friend More resource: Dating Violence Resource Center Based on interviews with teenagers ranging in age from 14 through 17, researchers learned that 30% of teenage girls can identify another teenager who was physically abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

The bill requires public schools to incorporate dating violence into their policies prohibiting harassment, intimidation or bullying.

School districts also must include dating violence prevention education in the health curriculum for grades 7 through 12.

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A journey of self-love, strength, and positivity.” The members of Let’s Be Real want the 2018 Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month theme to remind each and every one of you that you are good enough, you deserve to spend your time and energy as you wish, and you are ALWAYS worthy of a love that builds you up – especially love from yourself.In the early stages of an abusive relationship, you may not think the unhealthy behaviors are a big deal.However, possessiveness, insults, jealous accusations, yelling, humiliation, pulling hair, pushing or other negative, abusive behaviors, are — at their root — exertions of power and control.3 in 4 parents have never talked to their kids about dating/intimate partner violence or sexual assault.Talking about what it means to have a relationship is the first step to preventing dating violence and abuse.

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