New kind of online dating classical competitions

S., the other in Europe; one is rural, the other urban; one’s in a valley, the other by the sea; one focuses on contemporary fare, the other on traditional; one houses its artists in homes, the other in hotels; Ojai’s venues are primarily outdoor and strictly 20th century, Ravenna’s are mostly indoor and date as far back as the sixth century. This Guide is our biggest to date and we've added more information about the competitions―everything from their Twitter handles to the names of the jury members, entry fees, cash prizes (as well as management, performances, and recordings), deadlines, frequency, disciplines, eligibility, and the dates of the semi-finals and finals.

So, whatever the discipline, you (or your students) are bound to find the right competition at the right time and the right place.

The new Guide to Music Schools puts critical, in-depth information about more than 50 music schools and conservatories at your fingertips: audition requirements, post-graduate assistance programs, size of the student body, musical degrees offered, number of full time and adjunct faculty, tuition and number of scholarships awarded—as well as all the needed contact information and particulars.At the Salzburg Summer Music Academy, 1,000 students work with a faculty of 70; at the Bang on a Can Summer Festival, the count is 40 teachers to 11 students; at NYO Jazz, it’s 22 to 10; at Tanglewood it’s 155 to 75. Virtually all of the pre-professional institutes require an audition of some kind, while those for the very young steer clear of a competitive atmosphere.The listings in the Guide provide many options for musical self-improvement, with the added summertime bonuses of fun, friendship, and warm weather.In a special feature article, we asked five top competitors about what they’ve learned, both as winners and losers, through their experiences."I always imagine myself being as nervous as possible and still playing well," said Austin Larson, winner of the International Horn Competition of America—just one nugget among many uncovered in our interviews.

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