Modern day dating

Dating apps like Tinder just make things even more complicated, there are now a million options of people to choose from and all it takes is swiping right.

So, as far as dating (or whatever you’d like to call it) goes, stay calm, and follow some simple rules.

Usually, people define this as the stage before you’re dating but it can go on forever if neither party really wants to commit.

In fact, hanging out may not actually evolve into anything really.

You shouldn’t feel like you’re convincing someone to date you.

Or if he wants to be married in “a year or two” and this is the total opposite of what you want, no need to drag him around like a flopping fish. It’s hard to let someone go, but there are plenty of someones out there who want exactly what you want. Maybe in the beginning as you get to know someone it’s a bit hazy, but after a while, he has to show you that he’s interested.

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