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If you ever have these kinds of issues, there’s a good…Read more ~ Author: Moni R S Hello Everyone, my name is Moni and I am a Support Engineer in the Windows Devices and Deployment team here at Microsoft.Windows installer, before invoking any of the custom actions and standard actions, logs that information to this file.The return values from the custom actions are logged to this file as well.If you wish to send any of this data to the support engineer handling your case, please address any email to [email protected] ZIP format, and the Subject line must include your case number.An example of proper case number formatting is: REG: 133322255555599. In almost all cases we’ll ask for the Application event log from the server.

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Beyond the Application event log, the other files we’ll likely request will be determined by the exact issue you’re experiencing.

If you see a failure, you can check the corresponding log to see what went wrong during the installation of that component.

WSUSSetup Msi_timestamp.log: This log file is generated by MSI for WSUS component setup.

Read more Author: Meghan Stewart | Support Escalation Engineer Occasionally you may find that you want to start over in WSUS with a fresh database (SUSDB).

There can be any number of reasons for this, but typically I see people doing this if their SUSDB is rather old, has a ton of unneeded updates in it, and…

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