Matchmaking dating agencies

She then introduces them to potential matches that she’s screened beforehand.

Spindel’s fees range from ,000 to upwards of 0,000 depending on the service her client selects.

It could be because Stanger was actually Spindel’s assistant for five years before she began her own business, according to New York Magazine.

Spindel’s clients are all exclusively men – ranging from celebrities to bankers to entrepreneurs.

actress), and it’s grown to be the largest, privately owned matchmaking company in the country.

The upscale firm describes its typical client as “smart, successful and elegant.” “Wealthy” must be a given as well, considering the service starts at ,000 per year of unlimited matches in one city.

you can bet they’re not swiping right on Tinder either.

So how do you find “The One” when you have a lot of money but very little time? Here’s a look at four people who can introduce you to the gazillionaire of your dreams.

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An advisor will accompany you during each real meeting.Adler says she took Fortune 500 executive recruitment strategies and modified them into her company’s matchmaking process.“Apply the same strategy to your love life that you have used to achieve success in your professional life,” Adler says.Matrimo is a registered trademark in 27 European countries.Matrimo is one of the best dating agency in Europe.

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