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Today (1st September) definitely felt like the true first day of Autumn.

The coldest day we've had here in a while, sometimes sunny, mostly grey, a damp evening and Blackpool itself was much quieter this afternoon as kids start to return to school so the crazy summer part of the season is now almost over. It wasn't obvious to me when the switch-on actually happened. We can now take screenshots which appear eventually under the 'Photos' tab.

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On a PC, you can do this through the "Speaker/Headphones" properties, which can be accessed by clicking on the speaker icon (next to the the clock) and then clicking on the "Levels" tab or by going to your Control Panel, selecting "Hardware and Sound," and selecting "Sound." On a Mac, select System Preferences, Sound, and Output.

Artist Mario Klingemann trains GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) to interpret data sets while creating new and striking images.

Visitors encounter their own image as interpreted and “seen” by an AI.

Himmelsbach and Magrini told CLOT Magazine that their main aims behind were to “address current topics and issues that are socially relevant. It speaks to our present time and also the changes that come with new technologies.” “Thanks to the advances in neural networks and machine learning, AI applications are being extensively implemented in a huge variety of fields, from health care to education management and economic processes, with a considerable impact on the society.

This trend will continue to grow in the future, and it is essential that artists and cultural institutions engage in discussion about the opportunities and dangers of the future development of AI that is being shaped today,” they added.

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