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At this time, I began responding to my fellow female bumble bees in hopes to get acquainted.

As I signed in, I was feeling pretty hopeful considering I had a lot of matches in the chamber, locked and loaded.

However, when I double dipped back into the honey jar I noticed 13 of my matches (one in which I used the daily extend feature which allows you extend the time period before a match disappears) were gone.

This was a bummer because I hoped at least some of my matches would message me by the end of day two.

With a sexy looking UI, bumble is a very easy app to get a hang of.

It operates exactly like Tinder and the other hot or not apps except for one huge difference; women MUST initiate the first message with any matches made.

Many of my male friends using bumble have told me they like the concept because if a woman messages a man first that has to be a good sign right?

When I stuck my hand in the honey jar looking to see what sweet goodness was waiting for me I noticed my matches had actually climbed to 14 overnight (up 3 more, cool).This was very exciting for me because my thinking was if I made 11 matches at least one or two of them should convert into a first date right.I anxiously logged into bumble the following morning to check on my bounty.With that said, I used bumble for one week straight with only one goal, swipe right on everyone and score as many dates as physically possible and this was my experience.Obviously the first step was to upload some quality pictures of myself.

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    Unless I’m dreaming, I thought I saw something about “ Vista” listed when it was updating, but I don’t think it was a program update.