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The burgh of Leslie has records dating back 300 years, but they do not contain anything remarkable.The town has doubled in size in the last 50 years - due to the prosperity of its manufactures of linens and woollens, flax spinning, paper making, yarn bleaching, etc.Some census records on microfilm may be consulted in LDS Family Search Centres around the world.As well as the parish church, other churches included a Burgher Church, a Free Church (later United Free) and a United Presbyterian Church The Old Statistical Account (written in the 1790s) gives this information about Dissenters: The 1865 Ecclesiastical Directory lists the parish church, 2 United Presbyterian Churches (the 1st Congregation and Leslie West), and the Free Church.In 1900, upon the union of the Free Church and the United Presbyterians, Leslie Free Church became Leslie Trinity United Free Church, and in 1918 Leslie Trinity U. was joined with the congregation of Leslie Logan, under the name of Leslie Logan-Martin. In 1956 Leslie Logan-Martin was joined with the charge of Leslie West and Prinlaws, to form the session of Leslie Trinity Church of Scotland. 1750 - March 1779, from which date till 1838 entries of Proclamations only. (Mortcloth Dues.) [Subsequent to publication of the Detailed List, records were found at Worcester College, Oxford, containing B. 444/6).] Copies of the registers on microfilm may be consulted in some local libraries and at LDS Family Search Centres around the world.After this local union, the former Trinity church continued in use as the place of worship for the united charge, and following the 1929 union of the United Free Church and the Church of Scotland, Leslie Logan-Martin U. The congregation sat within the Presbytery of Kirkcaldy throughout its existence. The indexes to baptisms / births and proclamations / marriages can also be searched on the LDS Family Search website or on the IGI on microfiche in local libraries.Parish / district reference number for 1851 - 1901 censuses: 4 returns can be searched on the Free CEN website.The 1851 census has been indexed by the Tay Valley Family History Society.

The church, which was known by the name of Christ's Kirk on the Green, was rebuilt in 1820.Hopefully, things will change and his R6-million investment in horses over the past two years will be rewarded with a big race win during the coming South Africa’s Champion Season – and why not the Vodacom Durban July?"Leslie parish, containing the burgh of barony of Leslie and the village of Prinlaws, lies at the base of the Lomond Hills, between them and the River Leven.After the local union the former Trinity church continued in use as the place of worship for the united charge. Supply sermon was provided at least once each month from this time, however after a period of two years the Burgher families living in Falkland, and also those residing on the east side of Leslie, were annexed to recently established congregations in Auchtermuchty and in Kennoway.This left the congregation so reduced in numbers that the Burgher cause at Leslie had to be dissolved for a time.

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