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MTV announced that a fifth season will be airing in 2009, as well. So far on the current season, it’s more of the same – Lauren Conrad, Lo Bosworth and Audrina hating on Speidi and living in a fancy house in L. Bio A Laguna Beach alumna, the gorgeous Lauren Conrad has gone on to be the star of its spin-off series, The Hills.A., before Audrina decided to move out and none other than Holly Montag moved in. All in all, it’s pretty girls coming of age and into their own. Back in her high school daze, she was the nemesis of another hottie / celebrity gossip queen, Kristin Cavallari. She quickly became known for feuding with ex-roommate and ex-BFF Heidi Montag (and her boyfriend turned fiance Spencer Pratt) and befriending Audrina Patridge.And while LC had pitched her new program to multiple networks, Lauren Conrad’s reality show will return to her first home at MTV after it won the broadcast rights. Conrad has previously confirmed that she is adapting her massively successful books into a feature film(s). I’m working on [adapting the book for the movies] right now, but I don’t want to commit to anything until I see all my options.We have had a lot of exciting news in that respect, though” she told news in fall 2010.In fact, Lauren Conrad’s rep tells news Monday that the Post’s article is “totally false”.In 2009, Lauren Conrad admitted her departure from The Hills helped her rebuild her private life.

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Lauren worked with Whitney Port at Teen Vogue and then at People’s Revolution.Now with those cameras (at least for now) still not turned back on Conrad, some news reports (and at least the Post’s report today) have been unsuccessful in updating fans of the MTV star’s private life. In October 2010, LALATE broke that Lauren Conrad is returning to reality TV on MTV.“The only way I’d return to reality television would be if it allowed me to decide when the cameras stop,” Conrad told news in fall 2010.Lauren Conrad — the reality show star, fashion designer, and now NY Times Bestselling author — recently called it quits with her boyfriend of three years, Kyle Howard.There must be something nasty floating around in the Hollywood air because relationships are fizzling out faster than a Li Lo rehab plan (remember, Lindsay, you’ll always have a special spot in our hearts, especially mine — so don’t listen to all of our dirty talk).

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