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Chick-fil-A has made some good progress in eliminating antibiotics, high fructose corn…Several years ago I worked in a corporate office environment and lived in a city condo.The process is very easy for all staff to manage and takes the guess work out of labeling during food preparation.It also greatly assists with recording important information accurately on our food safety logs.

"Vani Hari is a crusader for truth in what we eat and drink.

PREPsafe Food labels is an innovative company that manufactures Customized food safety label equipment for the QSR and Restaurant industry.

First developed and sold as Preppy Console in 2004 our automated systems are designed to replace hand-written labels and Daydots.

Prepsafe have proven time and again our systems and their simplicity are world class, so why not jump on the bandwagon and join the 1000’s of other customers around the world who are already happily using Preppy.

It might just be the best investment you ever have to make!

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