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She made me feel the exact pain she felt and I cried my heart out. I mean, how can Korean people only grow more gorgeous? Eager for love as she is, she doesn’t let go of her dignity, and she doesn’t sacrifice for that love. Kim Sun Ah played the confident and successful Hwang Ji An perfectly and got me to love and understand her.

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I trust that Sun Ah eonni is not only my favourite actress but a favourite of many.And even if you call me blind or clueless, it was after I watched a number of episodes of each drama that I figured out she was the same one! (2005)In the drama that caused a sensation back in 2005 and is still popular – though many people have no idea why- Kim Sun Ah plays Kim Sam Soon: a hot-tempered, blunt, and impatient woman of 30 who cares nothing about the way she looks and is a talented patisserie.But after watching the three, there was no way she wouldn’t become my favourite actress. Regardless of the plot, Kim Sam Soon played Hyun Jin Heon (Hyun Bin) up.Yoo Ri is timid but desperate for love so her advances are adorable. This film is a goddamn tearjerker and heart breaker, and well-done.Put the funny Kim Sun Ah aside and face the desperate woman living for revenge. Eun Ah is a happy wife and mother but she loses her husband and daughter in front of her eyes.

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