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If a buyer acts as an agent for third parties, he may be hold responsible, even if the name of this third party appears on the invoice. All lots of an invoice will remain in the auction house until the whole amount has been fully paid.

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Unless specific instructions are received, Czerny’s is the sole judge of the method to be used for shipment.In case you do pay with Credit Card please note we'll add 2.9% on top of your total invoice.The full amount has to be paid immediately in Euro.In case of lots considered arms for Italian law, we need an official permit from the local bureau before sending the items. If you want to bid live with Internet applets and dedicated websites please note we will be selling about 100 lots per hour; Czerny's International Auction House is not responsible for internet connection problems or third parties applet problems during the online auction.We strongly suggest our internet bidders to always leave an absentee bid on our website for the lots they want to bid online first.

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