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These interesting tidbits still weren't enough to give the film, or Tilly's career, a boost with broader audiences.

Tilly's father is reportedly of Chinese descent, and the actress originally shared her father's last name, Chan, but changed it to her mother's maiden name after her parents divorced.

She said she's "been on a hiatus a little bit." Describing herself as "independently wealthy now," Tilly said that she no longer has the desire to "wake up at 5 in the morning, and put on makeup, and do some movie that's probably — might not even make the smallest film festival." She even likened herself to a bear hibernating in a cave, perhaps meaning she no longer has to rummage through Tinseltown's trash to store up for tight times.

While she seems like she's not exactly gunning for an Oscar, or even just mainstream visibility at this point, Tilly has appeared on popular television shows such as , Tilly spoke about her character's fourth appearance in the franchise.

"You get to a certain age and you start to rethink your life and rethink your priorities," she said, while expressing how travelling for long periods of time in unfamiliar countries no longer appeals to her.

"When I was younger, you would go on a set and you would have affairs and you'd drink and it was just like summer camp," she said, adding, "When you get older it's like, 'Uh, I'm in another hotel room, in another town I really don't want to be in.'" in October 2017.

Playing right into her niche, Tilly assumed the role of Crystal Allen, the sultry mistress of Haines' husband.

Tilly's Bound costar, Gina Gershon even told her as much when Tilly first expressed reservations before joining the cast of Though she may not be a household name, to the horror movie crowd, Tilly will always be an A-lister.The actress didn't enter a tournament until years later when she was convinced by her boyfriend, professional poker player Phil Laak.Tilly became the first celebrity to win a world series poker tournament in 2005.The boss, played by none other than Henry Winkler (aka The Fonz), was part of a dysfunctional family who banded together after he split from his wife.that she took the role "to remind people that she is first and foremost an actress," and that she hadn't fully traded her SAG card for a pair of dark sunglasses and a spot at the poker table just yet.

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