Is kim kardashian dating cristiano ronaldo

I once read a thread in a forum stating that Cristiano was football's Christ.

It's not just having fun driving cars, watching interesting football matches, or attending top restaurants.

reality star and wife to Mr West, Kim K A photo posted to Instagram which has names of 19 or more men has Ronaldo on number 10. Jox (2001) (during her marriage to Damon) Ray J (2002-Compromizing Video made 2003(during her marriage to Damon)-2007) Nick Lachey 2006 Nick Cannon (Sept 2006-Jan 2007)(during her relationship w/Ray J) FONSWORTH BENTLEY (2006-Feb 2007) Marquis Houston (March 2007) Evan Ross (May 2007) Reggie Bush (2006 (during her relationship w Ray J)-2009/2010) Christiano Ronaldo (April 2010) Shengo Deane (April 2010) Miles Austin (June 2010) Michael Copon (October 2010) Jon Mayer (October 2010) Gabriel Aubrey (November 2010) Kris Humphries (m.

Kim dated Ronaldo shortly after her relationship with Reggie Bush ended, she joined him in Spain and the two were seen kissing at a public restaurant..

Or will it all be for nought like with these lovely ladies: Irina Shayk Ronaldo started dating this iconic model in 2010 and just when it seemed like maybe, she was the one, they broke up after almost five years of being together.

by Zenith Oduah Real Madrid star named in Kim Kardashian’s sex list, Cristiano Ronaldo is named amongst the multiple number of men who’d slept with reality star, Kim Kardashian.

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