Irish dating ring

View it at: British Hallmarks Silver Hallmarks: A U. site with an “English Silver Hallmarks” page that shows and explains the British marks.

View it at: English Silver Hallmarks Antique Silver: This U. site has several helpful pages, like this one with charts of Town Date Marks.

Older pieces may be simply signed “MEXICO SILVER.” Pieces stamped D. The second letter of the signature represents the initial of the last name of the artisan, and the number following is the sequential number assigned to that artisan.

So “TB-188” indicates a Taxco artisan whose last name begins with the letter “B” who happens to be the 188th artisan who registered with the letter “B.” 925-1000: Here is the section of 925-1000for Mexican Silver Marks: Mexican Silver Marks on Antiques’ Antique Jewelry University: Here is their list of Mexican Jewelry Maker’s Marks: Mexican Jewelry Maker’s Marks on Antique Jewelry University British silver jewelry marks are the most complex, as they include various letters and symbols.

The examples shown in the photo below are from David Andersen in Norway, and Meka in Denmark.

Luckily, you can find many photos and charts online that help decipher the dates.Sweden uses one Dateletter chart, which makes things a bit easier.Norwegian and Danish silver marks usually include a Purity Mark and a Maker’s Mark.Just make sure you are using the chart for the town where your piece was made. Just search for “British Hallmarks” on either your computer or phone app.925-1000 British Hallmarks: This page explains the hallmarks with photos of the most common marks.

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