Ink dating jesse james

This portrait appears more likely to be Frank James.

Charcoal portrait of unidentified person in cloak, shirt, and hat with plume andfive stars on the hatband.

Bibliography of sources used in creating the records in the Guerrillas and Outlaws digital collection.

The Missouri Valley Special Collections has numerous materials on the Civil War and the border war. Charcoal portrait of Jesse James dressed in suit coat, vest, shirt, tie, and hat.

Charcoal portrait of deceased William (Bill) Chadwell, alias Bill Stiles or Styles, without a shirt, showing bullet hole in the heart dripping blood. Immediately below the signature is "Bill Chadwell" written in different handwriting and black ink.

Charcoal portrait of Charles Sanders (Saunders) in suit coat, vest, shirt, and tie.

Charcoal portrait of deceased Clell Miller without shirt showing bullet wound above the heart dripping blood. Below the signature is "Clell Miller" written in different handwriting and black ink. Charcoal portrait of John Thrailkill in suit coat, vest, shirt, and tie. Orvill Shelby" is written in different handwriting and black ink.

Charcoal portrait drawing of Dick Burns in suit, vest, shirt, and hat.

The drawing is unsigned but attributed to Anna Lee (Dillenbeck) Stacey. " Charcoal portrait of John Mc Corkle in suit coat, shirt, tie, and hat.

Charcoal drawing of three of Quantrill's guerrillas: Fletcher Taylor (left), Frank James (sitting), and Jesse James (right).

Fletch and Jesse are dressed in suits and hats; Frank is hatless and in uniform. Drawing is signed by the artist with "93" immediately below the signature.

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