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Cap and trade encourages operational excellence and provides an incentive and path for the deployment of new and existing technologies.

Household electricity bills are dominated by state-determined levies, which make up more than half of what consumers pay.

These opportunities can link the metrics and methods for GHG abatement with larger capital markets flows aimed at financing low-to-zero carbon investments all over the world.

Having long shied away from the debate, the German government is finally considering a price on CO₂ emissions in sectors not covered by the EU Emissions Trading System, such as transport and buildings.

See further details below on: This report analyses amendments to the EU emissions trading scheme (EU ETS) proposed by the European Commission on the 23 January 2008 and their implications for business.

It concludes that the proposals are a bold and significant step in the right direction that correct weaknesses in the current scheme and provide the level of certainty that business and investors have been calling for.

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