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The paneling's grooves and texture will still be visible, but a change in color alone can make a significant difference.

Dark paneling often makes a room feel dreary and small, so painting the paneling a light color such as white or cream can instantly make the room brighter.

It can help disguise the look of your paneling's grooves or seams, and disguise damaged spots in older or worn paneling.

You can transform the look of paneling in several different ways.Do you feel stuck wondering how to update wood paneling without painting?I decided to use the term stuck because this is how I felt when I was searching for fresh ideas to help me upgrade the old-dated wood paneling in our summer family house out-of-town.A small putty knife is the ideal tool for applying a thin layer of compound in the paneling's grooves, seams and cracks.You may need to apply additional layers to create a completely even surface, but once the grooves are filled, you can sand, prime and paint the walls.

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