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Theranos founder has not been spotted with any future to be husband or boyfriend so far.She remains miles away from the limelight regarding her dating life which makes it harder for us to reveal her dating secrets.Known around the office for her expensive tastes (the aforementioned Mercedes, dog parks that are for poodles only) and her dating prowess, Donna is a loyal friend who is always willing to give her coworkers a ride home when they’re drunk or buy out their shares at the Snakehole Lounge (for a considerable markup, of course).Admirable qualities: Donna’s wit is unmatched among her group of also-funny coworkers.Elizabeth Holmes is a private person who does not share her personal details to the media.She has kept her romantic life secluded from the world.Entrepreneur Elizabeth was often linked with her Indian-American employee Ramesh Balwani.The people close to them said that they were in a romantic relationship.

She may be a ruthless heart breaker, but at least she’s willing to share her dating secrets with the unbelievably naive Ann Perkins. She’s constantly swatting down his sleazily good-natured advances, but he persists in his quest to win her over. In this interview, Retta says that her hope for season four is that Donna and Jean-Ralphio will have a secret relationship. She’d tell you to get your head out of your ass (and into her Mercedes, if you’re lucky).She’s quick with a zing, and her smarts make her the person in the office least likely to get caught up in a ridiculous scheme (of which there are many).Though self-serving at times (remember when she made Andy rub her feet?I think Donna, like the other characters, have had a great, nicely paced evolution.I've found this article by Rebecca Wanzo useful in proposing that maybe we don't have to see "mammyism" whenever we see a larger black woman on our screens: "Beyond a ' Just' Syntax: Black Actresses, Hollywood and Complex Personhood," Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory, 2006.

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