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Accordingly, whether or not in the past it was violative of the equal protection clause in the foregoing respect, HRS § 572-1 no longer is.

In light of the marriage amendment, HRS § 572-1 must be given full force and effect." Because the remedy sought by the plaintiffs – access to marriage licenses – was no longer available, this reversed Chang's ruling and remanded the case for entry of judgment in favor of the defendant.

Since Hawaii enacted same-sex marriage in November 2013, civil unions remain an option for both opposite-sex and same-sex couples to access, making Hawaii one of only four states (Colorado, Illinois and New Jersey being the other three; California and the District of Columbia which legally recognize same-sex marriages both also allow same-sex domestic partnerships providing many of the benefits of marriage) to allow for this practice.

On December 7, 2011, a same-sex couple filed suit in U. district court to obtain marriage licenses in Hawaii, which at that time denied licenses to such couples.

Low participation may have been the result of technical issues that surrounded the conversion of a reciprocal beneficiary relationship to a civil union.

Governor Neil Abercrombie signed the legislation on November 13, and same-sex couples began marrying on December 2.On December 9, 1999, the Hawaii Supreme Court, following the passage of a constitutional amendment empowering the Hawaii State Legislature to limit marriage to mixed-sex couples, ruled that "The passage of the marriage amendment placed HRS § 572-1 on new footing.The marriage amendment validated HRS § 572-1 by taking the statute out of the ambit of the equal protection clause of the Hawaii Constitution, at least insofar as the statute, both on its face and as applied, purported to limit access to the marital status to opposite-sex couples.In August 2016, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the case's dismissal.A June 2010 study conducted by UCLA indicated that same-sex couples would spend between .2 and .5 million on their wedding celebrations, if allowed to marry in Hawaii.

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