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I didn’t know what would happen when I first started an online Facebook community, the Community of Single People, three years ago, in July of 2015. ) and this year, we even broached the topic of death and dying.

Overwhelmingly, our discussions take place online, but individual members from several countries have arranged to meet in person, with more such meetings in the works. The quip posted most often this year was: “The reason Mayberry was so peaceful was because nobody was married.It's really helped me form a positive view about being single.I wish there'd been something like this years ago.” “I am so grateful to have found this wonderful group.One pair of friends mentioned that they “exchange paper cards, letters, and gifts every now and then.” Another said, “We provide mutual therapy for each other as I cook for her and have a good laugh as we do it.” Some “stay in touch by phone, email, and text.” One of the members has lunch often with one of the other members and has also gotten to know her daughter and her mom.Some New Developments During This Past Year The Community of Single People was once a little group with a few hundred members that hardly anyone knew about. For a sneak preview of what she said, take a look at this previous blog post.

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