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cutephilly: >clump<, >clump<, >clump< lookinfurlove: Three, huh? It's beyond such overused adjectives like "sick" or "demented" as it reveals a damaged, and possibly dangerous, psychological problem. If someone posts that they'd like to kill someone and fuck them, I'm pretty sure I can call that person a wee twisted, and maybe lob a wise ass crack or two their way.

But, hey, what's up with you and--what was your owner's name again? Cindy's in the kitchen now rubbing hamburger on her twat, I guarantee it.

Just Ewe&Me: Now he's got this idea he's going to shave me all over.

Instead of suggesting web sites we should be suggesting psychiatrists.

So, just because there's a topic out there you personally aren't too fond of, why do you think it gives you the right to shoot down people who do enjoy it? It's a mental abberation and shouldn't be treated like some personal right -- these people deserve and need help. [This message has been edited by Dixon Carter Lee (edited ).] [This message has been edited by Dixon Carter Lee (edited ).]Well, DCL, I'd like to thank you at least for being polite in your response (though Sparky might wonder how she go involved in all this!

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