Ford vcm updating

have current version of IDS software, plug in VCM and nothing happens.Purchased all tooling from Ford, and cannot access troubleshooting for VCM2 !! With all of the information provided there is no reason it should not work.But "good" clones may have other problems (for example, USB adapters cannot work faster than on 38400 bps, CAN bus errors etc).has anyone had issues with the VCM2 not being recognized by IDS ?please tell me someone has the fix hidden somewhere for this i dont want to have to uninstall and reinstall again just to be bale to flash again and yes i did set date back to 09 where it worked fine. what are you changing in these files that makes this possable.

ford vcm updating-73

Supported adapters : ELS27 (STN1170/2170) Important note: almost all of adapters sold under "ELM327" label are "clones" (use not original ELM327 chip).

There are many OBD2 scanners, but does the FORScan somehow differ?

Yes, because it is designed especially for Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

NOTE: Following module installation, some hardware, or equivalent scan modules require a separate learning procedure be tool carried out.

For adaptive learning and calibration instructions, refer to the specific module removal and Installation procedures.

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