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In this section of The Modern Christian, we're going to explore different parables of the Bible as well as modern day parables.We're going to dissect them, enjoy them, and share a few laughs in the process.Therefore, learning by parables should be your educational method of choice.Being the all-knowing, all-powerful being that he was, Jesus knew this fact.Broadcaster Alan Jones has launched an impassioned defence of the Tamil family awaiting deportation at Christmas Island, calling out the government and Peter Dutton for their ‘disgraceful’ treatment of the parents and their two children. If anybody wants to shorten/edit or put it in a new article, here it is: THE ORIGINS OF THE SELJUKID DOUBLE-HEADED EAGLE AS A COSMOLOGICAL SYMBOL / Author: Ali Uzay Peker Middle East Technical University, Ankara/Turkey Schuyler Camman, one of the rare scholars who fused ethnographical field research with art historical study, points to the frequent occurrence in Central Asia of a symbolic gate of heaven (Janua Coeli, Oculus in Roman) which was alternatively named Sun-gate on top of the Cosmic Axis leading into heaven, beyond which dwelt God, or the gods.He asserts that the giant bird or the double-headed eagle placed on top of the town pillars i.e.

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Now that we've established that parables are effective, what does that mean to you?

Hence the abode of the superior being was placed over the limits of the universe and the light-giving sun was accepted as the image and manifestation of predominant might, as the mediator between men and unattainable god.(7)Sun-bird, the eagle, as the only earthly being which could reach the realm of the god, was a mediator providing communication between men and their god, Ba'al Sammin.

In the Hittite period in Anatolia the double-headed eagle is carved on stamp seals and in stone.

Modern day parables are a fantastic way to relate to others about your faith. The teachings of Jesus are crammed full of parables.

In fact, if Jesus was teaching, there is a very good chance that he was probably telling a parable.

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