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That makes SVP's radio sidekick Ryen Russillo a natural for Chewie.

And, SVP & Russillo seem like a better fit here as a duo than Kornheiser & Wilbon or Le Batard and his dad.

While his appearances on TV are brief, Law is deadly efficient with his statistical and scouting knowledge, just like Maul is with his awesome dual bladed lightsaber. Smith Yes, SAS/Dooku is sometimes a foil for Bayless/Vader (in fact, Vader eventually kills him, which may be a bit extreme for sports debate in the real world), but they're really on the same side in the long run. Dooku also has a bit of a passion for bold, grandiose statements, something Stephen A. Emperor Palpatine – Vince Doria We're not saying Vince Doria is evil…

At ESPN, nobody currently epitomizes the dark side of the force like one Skip Bayless.Luke Skywalker – Tim Tebow The Star Wars good guy was perhaps the toughest casting call.Who at ESPN could represent the prototypical, archetype hero?Darth Maul – Keith Law Darth Maul emerged as a cult hero online once The Phantom Menace was released.MLB analyst Keith Law represents an entire community of respected online figures at ESPN who have dedicated followings.

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