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(Previously know as "Global Sprint Weekend") Small local contribution events everywhere (well, not everywhere, but anywhere) will be held during from (Friday) January 25 to (Sunday) 27 2019.

Listed alphabetically by continent, country, locality (state, province, city; where applicable).

Thoughts about Drupal 8, Drupal 7, Backdrop, the Drupal Community, Drupal Con's meteoric price increases, Drupal Camps, and the future of the framework/CMS/enterprise experience engine that is Drupal have been bubbling up in the back of my mind for, well, years now.

But having one standard way to build and maintain Drupal codebases will be better in the end, because right now it can be quite messy, especially for those who downloaded Drupal as a tarball and use no CI system.This fact has been beaten to death, so you can read more about that elsewhere, or see the current usage graph here and yes, not every site reports back to Drupal.org, so those numbers are not perfect... So people are asking questions: post, in particular, was the following tweet by @webchick (Angie Byron), who coincidentally is probably the main reason I dove headfirst into the Drupal community many years ago after she mentored me through my first core patch (hi Angie!): I won't answer all the questions above—there are a lot of nuances to each that I could not possibly answer in a blog post—but I do want to jot down a number of areas where I have seen pain (and usually experienced on my own) and which are still holding back widespread adoption of Drupal 8 by those who used to default to Drupal for 'all the things'.Things became a bit harder in Drupal 8, because of two things: And these two problems kind of fed into each other—not only did module authors had to often rewrite (or at least radically alter) large swaths of code to support the new Drupal 8 APIs, but they also had to scrap any hook_update() upgrade implementation they may have worked on once that change record was published.I'm not speaking in the hypothetical here; this is what happened with the Honeypot module.

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