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Does that sound reasonable or am I being a total idiot?

confused, This thing is completely new, why can't you just say outright, "I see your profile has been activated would you be offended if I reactivate mine? I never get why adult people think their only option is to speculate about what is and isn't meaningful behaviour, just ask.

We did drink a bit on one of those days and he asked me if I would like to be his girlfriend, which I figured was the alcohol talking since it is clearly too early for that. Then later that night he had taken down his online profile while we were on the phone when we came home so I did, too. He says he doesn't like to date more than one person at a time. We did become a bit intimate this morning with no alcohol involved.

I figure that was probably alcohol-induced as well. But then tonight I see that his online dating profile is visible again thanks to a friend.

This is really no big deal since we've only been talking for about a week and gone on a few dates all in a row. I sort of jokingly asked him if he liked me a little less after last night and today to which he enthusiastically responded that he likes me even more now.

This is all fine but now I don't have an active profile and he does and I feel kind of weird and like I'm not sure what that means or what i should be doing.

On the downside, it said new friends when he initiated contact with me, too.Does that mean he really does want to date other people?Or does that just mean that he forgot all about the part where we were drinking and took down our profiles and just logged in and reactivated it? You could start by asking something like "do you remember things from the night before when you've been drinking?Depression isn’t this little dark rain cloud following you around all the time. If anything, I’d say depression is more like a dam.There all this water pent up and you can see it, you can feel the flood gates wanting to bust and when they inevitably do, you are swallowed up in water and not only can you not breath, but you’ve forgotten how to swim.

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