Delphi dbgrid row cannot be located for updating

The most common statement, however, is the SELECT statement, which produces a view similar to that available using a Table component.

To make a Delphi form capable of retrieving the data from an Access database with the ADOQuery component simply drop all the related data-access and data-aware components on it and make a link as described in the previous chapters of this course.

The () event handlers should look like: procedure TForm1.

In order to execute a parameterized query, it is necessary to supply a value for each parameter prior to the execution of the query.To specify a parameter in a query, use a colon (:) preceding a parameter name.At design-time use the Object Inspector to set the SQL property as follows: .The next time you call the Open method the SQL can be so different that the whole set of filed names (and types) may change.Of course, this is not the case if we are using ADOQuery to fetch the rows from just one table with the constant set of fields - and the resulting set depends on the WHERE part of the SQL statement. A parameterized query is one that permits flexible row/column selection using a parameter in the WHERE clause of a SQL statement.

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