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This is also part of why we have Crossdressing Voices.Ultimately realize that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this trope; all forms of entertainment are about the illusion. At the same time this is not about age discrepancies, just being three or four years older doesn't necessarily mean the production is "trying to pull a fast one" on the audience.Conversely, actors in their early-to-mid-twenties, especially those who make their name in these kinds of shows, often have difficulty being taken seriously playing characters their own age.

Shaft, the young leader of rogue operative team "Youngblood," is 900 years old.This dates back to the earliest days of Hollywood, if not further, making it Older Than Television.Despite this trope being a prime source for ridicule, mockery, and parody, there are actually a lot of legitimate reasons for why this is done.By and large this trope requires some research, you can't know for certain that an actor/actress is a certain age unless you scour around Wikipedia or IMDb.Also consider that production time may vary greatly from release of the movie or airing of the episode. Timeline issues sometimes make this more apparent, as 5 seasons of a TV show may only cover one year within the context of the story, making an actor who was an aversion become a straight example over time.

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