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The tastefully curved and wooden handle comes with artistic, intricate scroll works, making this more of a practical knife you would gladly retire to your collection galleria for smitten admirers. The combination of the etched scroll works and the wood inlays makes for the best aesthetics.Yet, the balance point is right at the rugged and prominent pommel guard as well—although we would not praise it as a throwing knife.In addition to that, the blade is further anodized and is hence corrosion resistant. The plastic handle makes for an ergonomic design that gives a satisfying grip, and also makes this a noticeable star in the cool Bowie knives class.The blade locks onto the handle securely via a screw.This Ka-Bar bad boy could just be the one sale you are looking for.

One thing is for sure though; we all want the best bang for the buck.Still, the tough steel blade comes with a genuine leather sheath.It also comes sharp, but you will have to sharpen it from time to time.For one, it is a perfect big Bowie to have handy in the woods for most activities.The 11-3/8 inches blade is heavy for some and ideal for others but feels solid in hand like a quality Bowie knife ought to feel.

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