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" "I had been raised Roman Catholic and attended Catholic school for most of my childhood," La Voisin tells Bustle, "so rejecting dogmatic Christian culture was an integral part of my personal evolution. "Whether it's against government, religion, or societal dogma, Satan has served as the archetype for enlightenment in the face of adversity, since the dawn of the modern Christian age.

"I think the idea of a non-theistic religion is really attractive to a lot of people, particularly people who want to spend time with a community based around shared practices and values but who maybe don't hold the kind of supernatural beliefs that would be necessary for deep involvement in more traditional religions," Story notes.Women's rights (especially abortion and health care) and LGBT rights are some of our biggest focuses."Fighting oppression is so important to Satanists because, Morrissey says, "the idea of Satan as a rebellious figure is pretty central to our ideology.Standing against the status quo to affect positive social change is kind of our whole thing."Seraphina connected with the Temple after learning about their activism for reproductive rights and separation of church and state, and then encountering their tenets.First, note that this is a list of “drug or occultic involvement.” Drugs and occult practices – even the Hollywood version of occult practices – have nothing to do with each other. This list is fearmongering, suggesting extraordinary explanations for common behavior.If your child has a drug problem, he needs rehab, not exorcism. Most of the rest of the things on this list has more to do with mental health.

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