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There is no customer service telephone number and they do not answer your emails. Their central focus is money/subscription; and if u make the mistake of subscribing, it's still the same thing. I subscribed and tried as much as I can to meet someone; I drew blank. Top Face is a fake application, what I notice when girls send messages and analyze program behavior.All the women eventually ask you for an Amazon card or Apple card or a new phone because you can never talk to them. desperation, I gave my email/contact to a few ladies that seem to respond to me; it ended up that they was Topface team and they was upset with me that I was giving out my details. They barred me for life from that ' Godforsaken' site. If anyone does business with them; u do so at your own risk. It is a fake, an automatic messaging from girls not true, you reply to few girls but you will get messages from others randomly, and girls which like, hanker and desire to contact you not respond for 1 week. There are a lot of people there that only wants your money. how to get profile of somebody on topface :https:// it's very easy to override offers on top face just edit with inspect elements ,i think this video is clear Enjoy Top Face is a nice site with a lot of nice people but ive given it a year (had highs and lows) and decided to move on.Before you join, make sure to read our full Topface app review.

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Please stay away from this app if you have paid for vip status please unsubscribe because they will charge you every single month if you dont unsubscribe and delete subrbscription.

Even though there is nothing outright shady about Top Face, it simply does not offer the results that one would expect from a dating or hookup site. Before we get into the operational performance of Top Face, it is important to provide you with a little background. When you dig into the “About Us” section on their website they proudly boast that “over 50 percent of Top Face users are not from Russia.” We found that statement to be somewhat unusual.

It is rare for a company to boast about being more popular outside of its country of origin while simultaneously praising the fact that they are a Russian company. Top Face claims to have over 92 million registered users.

It does not offer any feature that can be called unique.

On top of that, it inconveniences your Facebook friends with advertisements. Most of the results that you will be served, even after paying for a VIP membership, will be from individuals in Russia and other parts of the world.

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