Dating techniques for ceramics

Clément Massier began working with his father Jaques in 1856.

After his father hired Gaetano Gandolfi, an Italian master-potter, Clement began training with him and pioneered several techniques and metallic glazes including their signature iridescent luster glazed pottery.

Other traditional pottery production companies in Vallauris were Guige, Saltalamacchia, Gaunet Brothers and Foucard-Jourdan who produced domestic pots in ‘terres vernissés’, using traditional designs and techniques.

Jerome Massier iridescent glazed vase ( Liveauctioneers ) Clement Massier Art Nouveau vase Delphin Massier Vallauris Majolica Pitcher ( 19.5 inches ) In 1938 Suzanne and Georges Ramie founded the pottery workshop Madura in Vallauris.

Ceramics may also be considered artefacts in archaeology.

Ceramic art can be made by one person or by a group of people.

In 1980 his factory employed 120 people and during that same decade he reverted to making one-off pieces which were shown internationally.

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By 1957 he had established a considerable international reputation.Subsequently, production turned from utilitarian pottery to more individual artistic creations.He was also joined by his brother Delphin and cousin Jérôme, who soon formed the core of the producers at Massier.France Jean Derval – 1925 Vallauris French antique, loop handled, drip glaze vase.Ceramic art is art made from ceramic materials, including clay.

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