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Historically, Greenlandic buildings were painted different colors to indicate different functions, from red storefronts to blue fishermen’s homes—a useful distinction when the landscape is blanketed in snow.

This photo was taken during my three-month, personal photo project to present life in Greenland.

I waited on the bow of the boat as the Dusky dolphin almost broke [through the surface].

Their elegance and streamlined bodies are built for speed and maneuverability—accentuated by the smooth, clear water of the New Zealand coastline. PHOTOGRAPH BY JONAS SCHÄFER/ 2019 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVEL PHOTO CONTEST“KING OF THE ALPS”A herd of ibexes in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland cross a ridge above Lake Brienz.

The textures from the trade winds [created] subtle colors from the west and blended well using my 100mm lens.

I had to look into my viewfinder while this wave was breaking.

Vultures are important members of the environment, as they take care of recycling dead matter.

The continuing ridge path and the rising fog show the natural habitat of these animals.

After a few hours of observing the animals, I spotted the ibex herd on one side of the ridge.

The beautifully atmospheric image captures actors preparing for an evening opera performance in Licheng County, China.

Winning 1st Place in the Nature category, Tamara Blazquez Haik’s photograph of a griffon vulture—titled is perfectly timed, capturing the majestic moment it soars through the skies in Monfragüe National Park in Spain.

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