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He was elected as a Fellow of IEEE, effective from January 2015.

Please form a consortium with a name assigned to it and one person as lead-PI of the consortium.

Travel cost of industry personnel can be billed to project from the funds transferred by industry. IP license cost cannot be included, as the technology developed in the project will be licensed to itself!

If the technology is licensed to another company, at that time the IP license can be charged to that company.

Industry has to transfer money or billable materials to the IIT (e.g., some machine or component, or chemicals/intermediaries, or software licenses) whose value can be documented precisely and independently assessed.

Manpower cost borne by industry cannot be billed to project.

It will probably consult with PI on this, or may decide unilaterally.

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MHRD will decide whether to release all money up front or in installments.

After obtaining his doctorate, he worked at AT&T Bell Labs for two years before joining the faculty of the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras in 1986, where he is now the director.

He served as the Dean of Planning at IIT Madras before taking over the role of director in September 2011.

There is no separate allocation for travel and contingencies.

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