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I've been taking antidepressant for eight years because I have been tortured so long by the thought that my dad did not love me in childhood.

I defy god's given dad by searching for myself a dream daddy who has all necessary qualities.

My second love was mere 18 years old, and he had the same misconception.

I inquired, how could he juggle between the two committed relations?

So I learnt from this heartbreak that I must confirm before initiating a conversation with anyone that he's unmarried.To be honest, I was attracted to men before women as early as my adolescent days. One was my daddy's age who wandered in the streets with nothing but trousers on his chubby body, showcasing his womanlike chest to the public.The other was my grandpa's age, who was much more of a naturist. Did he shed his clothes first, and then, realizing he was out of soap, just decide to strut on over to the store in his undies to go buy some?These things wouldn't be possible if I were to marry a woman.Doubtless to say, bisexuality is a curse bestowed on mankind by the Almighty. People like me, who want to live in one world while rejecting the other, have it rough.

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