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I loved that sim, and the feeling of even a make-believe romance.My first ninja lover was Kotaro Fuma, and the ending I wound up getting to was the “unhappy ending”- which of course, only added to my adoration of the game, the bittersweetness leaving me hungry for more.While dating Sim games follow the same general guidelines, this type of game focuses on romance and seduction.Dating Sim games demand that you get a character to like you by choosing the correct dialogue and in some games, touching the character in the right spot.Register with the site to enhance your experience and earn user points.If you've ever played a Sim game such as The Sims, then you understand that the outcome of the game depends on how well you can control what each of your characters wants and needs.

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Her chosen ninja then slowly falls in love with her over the course of a few hours of play.New Seduction consists of answering questions about love and sex.You'll touch your Sim character on the ears and other parts of the body to seduce him or her.bekannt, sondern prägt auch das Genre der Dating-Sim-Spiele.\n Einen ähnlichen Weg geht das kostenlose Dating-Sim-Spiel My Forbidden Love.

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