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As a result, the site currently helps 2500 successful singles find love each month.One of the keys to Elite Singles’ success is its matchmaking algorithm.(In fact, there’s a whole section on The New York Times website dedicated to news concerning High Net Worth Individuals.) A High Net Worth Individual can and should ask for estate planning, tax planning, hedge fund and private equity fund access, and more from their wealth management firm and/or advisors.Again note that we are talking about here—a wealth manager won’t be much use if your entire net worth is sunk into your home.

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At the time, is was an effective way of measuring world wealth and identifying the clients most in need of high-end financial services.

Its members are pro athletes, CEOs, lawyers, doctors, beauty queens, supermodels and celebrities.

After bringing them together, the website gives these successful people tools to help them meet their perfect match.

Many people consider it to be the largest millionaire online dating site in the world.

To ensure full transparency, it verifies the identity of all its aspiring members.

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