Dating response sorority violence

Kappa Delta Sorority is encouraging friends to offer support, advice and intervention when they believe a friend is in an unhealthy relationship. MTV developed the “A Thin Line” campaign to empower teens to identify, respond to and stop the spread of digital abuse.

All 140 collegiate Kappa Delta chapters host awareness campaigns during the month of September in recognition of National Women’s Friendship Month, a celebration Kappa Delta created 11 years ago. The campaign is built on the understanding that there is a thin line between what begins as a silly joke and what ends up really hurting someone and their future.

demonstrated enourmous commitment to me over the weekend and by the end of the weekend I had gained a level of understanding significantly and totally beyond anything I had ever heard or witnessed over my 20 years of dating.

Being emotionally unavailable doesn't mean he's dead and it doesn't mean he's evil.

Members include: Through a trauma-informed lens, this subcommittee is reviewing existing services and responses to and for victims and survivors, to identify current strengths and opportunities for improvement.

This subcommittee works closely with the Policies, Protocols and Procedures subcommittee.

Members include: This subcommittee reviews existing University and local community policies, protocols, and procedures through a trauma-informed, culturally responsive lens to determine necessary updates, and identify areas for improvement.

All grant activities will support and promote Clery Act and Title IX compliance, robust efforts to engage men and cultural competence.

A version of this paper was presented at the Association for Women in Psychology Annual Conference, Hartford, Connecticut, March 1991.

We thank Thomas Dietz, Joseph Scimecca, and two anonymous reviewers for valuable comments on this work.

For both males and females, affiliation with Greek organizations is associated with traditional male dominant-female submissive attitudes.

Independent women are least likely to subscribe to traditional gender stereotypes.

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