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Valerie Tatlock was born on 26th November 1942 to Alfred and Edith Tatlock.

In the early 1960s, she was close to her uncle Albert Tatlock and sometimes visited him at his home in Coronation Street in Weatherfield.

She gave up work to be a full-time mother and housewife, but once the twins were a little older, took jobs at the Corner Shop and Alan Howard's salon, where she was head hairdresser.

Her marriage to Ken was mostly close and loving, but whenever Ken was caught up in his intellectual interests, he would often ignore Val and the children.

When Ken's mother Ida was killed in September 1961, Val became closer to Ken and they began a relationship.

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The following year, Ken looked Valerie up while in Scotland with the school.To help things get back to normal, the pair went on holiday. Ken was upset, but later decided he was thrilled by the news.To prepare for the birth, Val closed down the salon and converted it into a nursery.The Barlows had many friends in the Street and could easily find babysitters, allowing Valerie to attend evening classes in Sociology.In November 1965, while Val was at a class, Ken was looking after the twins but went to the Rovers Return briefly, a piece of coal fell from the fire, filling the house with smoke.

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