Dating friendship relationship

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She is now being ostracized by our community with a few exceptions. We had a short dry conversation till she asked me why I was making such a big deal about it. I started by explain who Stan Lee was, how long the painting took me, how much it meant to me, equated it to the monetary value and ended it with "it is not only about the autograph.

it’s not impossible but it is extremely improbable.

The issue I’m having is that despite the fact that we are so young (with marriage being at least 5 years away), I don’t know how I could stay with someone that I was probably only going to be with temporarily?

Everyone's all "A WOULD RIDE AGAIN." Same for e Bay, Amazon, etc.

Well, think of /r/relationship_advice comments as much the same, only inverted. Prior to now, moral judgment posts could already be removed under the general discussion topics and DAE rules, but we'd rather be explicit about it, so we're play-testing a new rule until at least August 6, 2019.

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