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God didn’t take a break from loving you in your breakup — even if you’re the reason it’s over. There’s a unique shame and brokenness associated with breakups.

Relationships and love may be celebrated more in the church than anywhere else because we (rightly) love marriage so much.

Maybe you were convinced it needed to end, but knew how hard it would be to tell them. Dating that dives in too quickly or dumps too carelessly does not reflect God’s intention.

This doesn’t mean every dating relationship should end in marriage, but it does mean breakups will hurt.

It can be a time to regroup, grow, and discover a new rhythm for your future relationship.

The relationship may be over because of a specific character flaw or failure.

Sorrow in the midst of the severing is not only appropriate, but good. God created you to enjoy and thrive in love that lasts, like Christ’s lasting love for his bride.

If in your sorrow you turn to the Lord and repent of whatever sin you brought to this relationship, you are as precious to your heavenly Father as you have ever been, and he is using every inch of your heartache, failure, or regret to make you more of what he created you to be and to give you more of what he created you to enjoy — himself.

Because of Jesus, his promises never to leave or forsake you are true every moment and in every relationship status.

If you are trusting in Christ for the forgiveness of your sin and striving to follow him and his word, God has never abandoned you, and he will never abandon you.

There are things about us — weaknesses or patterns of behavior — that may disqualify us for marriage with a particular person.

But it does not nullify God’s grace to and through you.

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