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Women who mysteriously have "boyfriends" after leaving 'single' in their profiles for years. Why do people still place their profiles online indicating they wish to date. Is it because they have conflicting needs (i.e wanting to know the opposite sex but doubting their sincerity? I just hope to be attached by the next Valentine Day.The ability to follow celebrities has always been my least favorite feature on Twitter. Whereas Facebook encourages you to socialize within your circle of interest after you first create an account, Twitter bombards you with a series of famous handles to follow, even though they might be of no substance to you at all. But for me, it was never more than an annoyance because of how hard Twitter pushes celebrity accounts that you have absolutely zero interest in.By releasing previews for their latest albums on You Tube and putting them up for purchase digitally on i Tunes, they create an environment where they can entirely forego the need for a middleman and market directly to the fans who love them and the followers who appreciate them.While the idea is still pretty new with no particular formula for success, online marketing for musicians has sprouted in all directions in the little time that it has been there.This feature comes off as confusing and misleading, and, sometimes ends up scaring new users away.

While My Space may not continue to command the same amount of authority that it once did, the rebranding strategy did help it survive its struggle for continued relevance, and the site is one of today's more interesting destinations to stay up-to-date with the works of your favorite musicians.

The site gained immense popularity amongst teenagers and young adults and was used intensively as a way of staying in touch with your friends and staying up-to-date with the activities of your favorite celebs.

During its glory years, My Space was the single largest social media site in the United States, with a unique visitor count that surpassed even Google.

You can now find thousands of websites online offering widgets, graphics, comments, layouts, tables, surveys, text generators, videos and others for your page.

You can use these add-ons or widgets to make your profile look more exciting.

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