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I often travel to the United States on business trips and have learned that even though these two nations have their own distinct characteristics, there are many similarities as well.Back to my first time in America: after driving off in my rental car, it became clear that American road networks are much bigger and more organized than in Australia.

The waitress asked if I would like it with chicken.Modern historians discredit this story, and the earliest known example of the arms dates from the seal of Duke With the end of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 and of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918, Austria lost its imperial banners and was reduced to its present borders.The new republic adopted the simple red-white-red flag, which reappeared in 1945 after seven years of Austrian amalgamation with Nazi Germany.Converting everything from the British system of units to the metric system—especially Fahrenheit to Celsius—required constant brainpower., the United States is 51.3 percent Protestant, 23.9 percent Catholic, and 4 percent claim they are “none.” Australia, on the other hand, is 25.8 percent Catholic, 27.4 percent Protestant, and 18.7 percent consider themselves to be in the category of “none.”On one occasion, while exploring the States, I was approached by someone who asked, “Do you know Jesus?” The person who started the conversation then tried to offer me a small pamphlet promoting his religious beliefs, which I politely refused. Our laid-back attitude applies to religion, which is a topic not widely discussed.

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