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And while parts of our everyday life often fall along gender norms, we’re partners and understand that being sensitive is not feminine just like my intricate to-do list is not a man’s job.

Nineties fashion might be back, but there is nothing cool about this retro attitude to gender roles in relationships.

And on occasion, he’ll run down his fantasy football scores.

TBH, I’m often completely uninterested and am inclined to tell him so. But according to psychologist and relationship researcher John M. D., these moments might mean more than I’d ever have thought—and turning away could be a predictor of divorce.

The book dishes out advice in cheeky language that describe men as Martians and women as Venusians.My husband likes to show me online clips of baseball replays.He also enjoys sharing aerial shots of outer space.And Chapman’s right: The backyard gets clean faster with a compliment than a complaint.Or, as my momma says, you catch more bees with honey than vinegar.

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