Dating algerian guys

Fair enough if you say you are willing to move to Algeria but they may well be aware that you will tire of that place and its hardships in time for the visa to come through!Anonymous - sorry to say but there is quite an age gap - I think this situation is very sus!123717850 #16302By Zizou on Thursday, August 11, 2005 - am Greetings everyone.

Most average Pakistani mulsimahs I know don't cover except for prayertime.I previously found out, and he confirmed, that his real name is Ahmed, he comes from Algeria, and is a cashier in a convenience store. He said that’s my choice, that “it’s not a big deal, trust me.” I asked him if he would ever consider marrying a non-Muslim. I asked if he would ever raise non religious children. He said he doesn’t blame me for thinking the way that I do, that the media gives us bad pics of Muslims. It’s only been 3 weeks but he has swept me of my feet. What if the man I see before me really doesn’t care about religion? (He speaks French because Algeria used to be a French colony, but Arabic is his first language.) He said I have to understand where he’s coming from, and I do, but some friends and family don’t. LOLOLOL seems to talk from experience - donkey is an Algerian turn of phrase that is really insulting over there! I’m recently divorced, mid-thirties, no kids, living at home with my parents because it’s rent free and we are very close.

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